Playing our games are a joyful experience (if we say so ourselves!) but if you encounter a rare glitch we're here to help. First, check if the problem is listed below. If not, tell us about it using the contact form and we'll get back to you before you know it.


  • How do I play Custard! ?
    Check out the Custard! page or select How To Play from the Custard! start screen. If you are in the menu, select Back to return to the start screen.
  • Where can I download Custard!
    You can download Custard! from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Is Custard! free?
    Yes, it's free to play and supported by adverts, which you can permanently remove for the price of a small coffee.
  • Does Custard! support iCloud and Google Play Saved Games?
    Yes, if you are signed in, Custard! will save to the cloud. You can restore from the Settings screen.
  • Can I restart Custard from the beginning?

    Yes. Simply select Delete Save Data from the Settings menu. Be aware that this will erase your saved data from your device and attempt to erase from the cloud.

    If you're not connected to the internet, your saved data may load again when you next connect. If so, simply select Delete Save Data again.

  • Custard! doesn't work correctly on my device

    We've tested Custard! on many devices and various iOS and Android versions but let us know what you're experiencing using the contact us form at the bottom of this page.

    Please tell us your device (e.g. iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4), iOS or Android version (e.g. iOS 9.02, Android 5.1) and the exact details of the problem.

  • I'm color blind, can I play Custard?

    Yes! Select the colour blind friendly option in the settings which has been tested for protanomaly and deuteranomaly colour blindness. This option changes pink to a darker shade to differentiate from green.

    However, if you struggle at any point during the game please contact us with all the details.

  • Is Custard! suitable for children?

    While the minimum age rating is 4+ we recommend parents try out the game first and read our Data Privacy and Terms of Service pages before allowing children to play. We also recommend passwords are active to avoid any accidental in-app purchases.

    Please note that adverts are served by a third party and we're not responsible for the content.

  • What is the data privacy policy?
    Our Privacy Policy page gives a full breakdown of the third party services we use and their data privacy policy.
  • You've not answered my question!
    Please use the contact form to tell us your query and we'll reply as soon as possible.

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