Robots Go Home!

A Space-tacular Puzzle Game

A short time ago in a galaxy just around the corner, the Starship Tincan and its robot crew ran out of power. To send them home, produce energy by connecting matching robots - but avoid the aliens, asteroids and bad robots!

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Blast off with the Robots!

Meet Chief, the captain of the Starship Tincan. Having run out of power he's in a bit of a fix, stranded in space with no way of getting home. That's where you come in. Connect sets of robots together to energise the Starship Tincan and send them home. Watch the trailer now!

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Game Features

Meet the Robots

Connect matching robots together, hit Energize, and watch them generate energy to power the ship one small step closer to home.

Evade the Enemies

Look out for aliens, asteroids, space mines, black holes and bad robots whose sole goal in life is to make your mission impossible.

Robot Booster Tech!

To enjoy a less turbulent quest through the solar system pick up and upgrade with a range of special robot booster tech.

Solve side missions and make new friends

Help a lost astronaut find his ship and heed the warnings from Jim Bob and his cousin Billy Bob.

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app store download link google play download link