Robots Go Home! released on the App Store

Option 4 Studios launches brand new cosmic connecting puzzle game, Robots Go Home!

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Option 4 Studios are pleased to launch Robots Go Home!, a space-tacular connecting puzzle game set in the outer limits.

Meet Chief, the captain of the starship Tincan and its motley crew of robots. Stranded in deep space with no power, the robots need help to get home. Players must produce energy to power the starship home by connecting matching robots together before they run out of moves.

Alas, not everyone wants the little robots to go home. Not only have some pesky Aliens taken a liking to munching the scrummy robots, players will also come up against asteroids, space mines, black holes and the robots' malfunctioning crew member, Bad Robot.

The game launches with 240 space-tacular levels. During the galaxy quest:

  • Produce Energy: Connect matching robots to power to the next level
  • Save the Astronaut: Help a lost astronaut back to their ship for a fun bonus
  • Black hole: Match and connect the robots before they are all sucked into the dastardly black hole on level 240!
  • Friends: Meet new friends Jim Bob and his cousin Billy Bob
  • Gift Crate: Enjoy gifts of crystals, credits, boosters, and lives from a falling gift crate

"Robots Go Home! is an energizing alternative to the matching genre with charming characters and stylish visuals,"

"We’re pleased to bring a new game to the tremendously competitive puzzle game market and think players will love joining the delightful robots on their interplanetary adventures to get back home." the robots on their adventures home!

Robots Go Home! is available now to download for free on the App Store.

Download Robots Go Home! on the App Store

Watch the trailer now:

Robots Go Home! Trailer

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